Login Flow

Untitled has a very simple flow to make it as easy as possible for players to jump in and get involved. To start playing you'll simply need to do the following: 1. Connect your wallet
As the primary release will be through WebGL, you'll have access to a few different wallet options. We do however recommend MetaMask. 1B. Play Off-Chain Untitled can be played without the need for a blockchain wallet.
You can connect your wallet immediately after the game loads
2. Connect to the server This is done automatically as soon as you connect your wallet. If connected successfully, you should be transitioned to the server menu
3A. Enter your nickname (Optional)
You are welcome to enter a custom nickname so that players can reference you within the server. It also helps notify other players when you or any other user joins or leaves the active game session. 3B. Choose your custom character (Optional)
If you've minted an exclusive character, you can select them from the character selection area of the main menu. All new players without NFT characters will start with the default Virtual Guy (Non NFT). 3C. Open your wallet to review your rank (Optional) You can open your connected wallet to the top right to view your UNT balance & your current Untitled Rank. This can be accessed from the top right corner of the main menu. 3D. Visit the Chooken Shack (Recommended) Make the most of your session earnings by visiting the Chooken Shack for reward rate and token value upgrades. Combining different upgrades can result in some amazing UNT gains.
3E. Check the leaderboard (Recommended) Register to participate in the monthly coin challenge! Collect as many coins as you can each month in order to win unique in-game rewards. This can be accessed from the top left corner of the main menu.
4. Play Untitled! After clicking on PLAY, you'll face a short loading screen and be right into the middle of the action. Have fun and happy platforming!