Using the Token Bridge

The token bridge is used to bridge tokens between the Ethereum Network and Untitled. It can be accessed from the main menu, by clicking on the currency buttons at the top of the screen. In here you can either launch the bridge, or swap the payment token for items in-game. After clicking, you should be presented with a menu that looks like this:
The bridge menu
You can launch the bridge by clicking on the 'Launch Bridge' button. This should take you here. After launching the bridge, ensure to scroll down and accept the T&Cs of use.
Accept the T&Cs
After you've accepted the T&Cs you should be greeted with a swap interface. By default, this swap interface will be configured to swap USDC from the Ethereum Network to Untitled Platformer.
Please note that the initial transaction will be on the Ethereum network, and as such, gas fees will apply, however after bridging your USDC, there will be no transaction fees for using it in Untitled (or anywhere on the SKALE network).
The bridge from Ethereum to Untitled
Once you've bridged your USDC over to Untitled, you should see it appear in-game and allow you to mint in-game items using USDC instead Untitled Tokens.
We can mint characters in either USDC or Untitled Tokens
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