Gasless Transactions

Untitled is one of very blockchain games that provide players with gas free transactions. Below we'll outline how you can go about claiming your free SFUEL (Gas) tokens.
SFUEL is used as a gas token within Untitled
1. Visit the Untitled Faucet Players can visit the faucet located directly on the Untitled Website.
Landing page for the Untitled Faucet
2. Connect your Wallet Connect your wallet using the Connect Wallet button. If you do not have the SKALE network in your wallet, the faucet will automatically prompt you to add the network and then switch you to the correct network.
3. Fuel your Wallet
Click on Fuel Wallet to start generating your SFUEL and send it to your connected wallet. Please be patient and don't close the window until you see the green confirmation text letting you know it's safe to close the window. The website might freeze whilst generating your SFUEL - This is normal as the operation is very resource intensive and will vary from device to device. Once the SFUEL has been sent, the website will become responsive.
SFUEL has been successfully sent to the connected wallet
We are aware this system is quite complex and new to the space, so please don't hesitate to reach out over discord and we'll help you as best we can.