Ranking System

The 4 Primary Ranks
The Untitled Ranking System was designed to reward holders of our native UNT token. Players will get assigned a rank dynamically based on how much UNT they hold at the time of connecting their wallets to the game. The ranking system also integrates with our discord server and assign players with a custom role based on how high they are ranked. Each rank adds a bonus percentage to the total Reward Multiplier. A higher rank allows you earn more UNT tokens, faster! The Ranking System looks as follows:
Rank Title
Hold less than 10M tokens
Multiplier Bonus +2%
Hold more than 10M Tokens
Multiplier Bonus +12%
Hold more than 25M Tokens
Multiplier Bonus +19%
Hold more than 75M Tokens
Multiplier Bonus +33%
You can find your current rank by clicking on the Connected Wallet button in the main menu. It's also important to note that in order to be eligible for token withdrawals, you'll need to hold an Untitled Pass.
In order to be eligible for withdrawals, an Untitled Pass is required.