HOW DOES UNTITLED REWARD PLAYERS? Move2Earn is a new reward format introduced with Untitled. We believe this allows everyone to get a fair reward based on their input and time, taking luck and timing out of the equation. M2E has no minimum amount threshold to claim your rewards either. You can claim rewards as low as 1 token from anywhere in the game. There is also no limit to how many tokens you can earn in a single session. Tokens are also saved in-between sessions, which mean you can disconnect and come back to withdraw your unclaimed tokens later. As the name suggests, players are rewarded for simply moving in-game. The more you move, the faster you move, the more you get earn.
M2E Mechanics Demo
WATCH OUT HOWEVER... If you don't move, you start losing rewards. The game will punish you for standing still and not moving. You will also lose rewards when you are being sabotaged by other players. THE MATH... To understand the reward system, we need to be aware of the following core variables: - Multiplier Bonus - Reward Multiplier - Reward Rate - Reward Frequency Players get rewarded at a frequency of Reward Frequency and at a rate of Reward Rate. We base the reward frequency on the time.fixedDeltaTime variable (0.02 Seconds). We base our reward rate on the Reward Multiplier * Multiplier Bonus. The Multiplier Bonus gets determined by our rank and the character we play as. That leaves us with the following variable: Reward Rate = Reward Frequency * Reward Multiplier. The reward rate is then adjusted per trigger as below:
Player Idle
RewardFloat -= RewardRate / 3
We lose rewards slightly slower than gaining it, to prevent total loss.
Player Move
RewardFloat += RewardRate
If we move, our RewardFloat goes up by RewardRate which is 0.002 * Multiplier every frame.
Player Slowed
RewardFloat -= RewardRate * 2
While the player is slowed, we increase the rate of lost rewards.
Player Speed Increased
RewardFloat += RewardRate * 5
If we use a speed potion, we increase the rate of gained rewards.