Untitled Overview

Welcome to the competitive world of Untitled. A retro multiplayer platformer that offers players the ability to either sabotage or befriend other players while exploring dynamic 2D worlds. Untitled has been designed with the primary goal of allowing gamers to hop on and off whenever they feel like it. It's been built around a single-session concept, however does allow players to store data temporarily on their browser database. (This can be character choice, tokens, usernames etc). Untitled offers:
  • Players the freedom of creative movement with different potions that offer different abilities - All while rewarding players for simply moving (M2E).
  • Players with many in-game challenges - Like traps, trickery and other fun platforming secrets that we don't want to disclose and spoil for players.
  • The ability to redeem exclusive characters through minting NFTs and using them in-game as playable characters.
  • A unique ranking system and other in-game activities. Did we mention chickens?
  • In-game leaderboard with monthly rewards for top players!
Getting ready to sabotage some players.