The UNT token allows holders to earn within Untitled, Gain in-game Bonusses with the Ranking System, Mint Exclusive Characters, Rent Exclusive Characters and Purchase items in the Chooken Shack.
The UNT Token is proposed to have an expanded usage across other chains in future.
In-Game Rewards
Holders of the UNT token will have access to in-game rewards and qualify for the M2E System.
Ranking System
Holders of UNT will gain a special rank that comes with in-game rewards.
Mint Exclusive Characters
Holders can use their UNT to mint other, more exclusive characters.
Rent Exclusive Character
Holders can use their UNT to temporarily rent exclusive characters.
Purchase In-Game Items
Holder of UNT can spend their tokens on in-game upgrades. (The Chooken Shack)